Sunday, January 20, 2013

Homes and gardens visited in New Zealandnd

We have partaken once again of the fine New Zealand hospitality and have been in a number of homes and enjoyed some beautiful gardens.  Here are a few examples.

Entrance to home in Karaka, Papakura



Vic and Bev (cousin) Hart with Nancye

Home of Bev and Vic in Drury, South Auckland

Bev's landscaped garden in Drury

Home in Edendale, South Island

Former home of our friends John and Ruth Fryer in Invercargill, South Island.  You can see that John was a nurseryman.

Beautiful azaleas

Landscaped garden in Wyndham, South Island

Waihi Beach at Sunrise

A beautiful beach to walk on at sunrise.  Gentle waves, clear sky, birds running along the beach and shells washed up.  A good time for meditation and prayer.

Pathway to beach

Nearly at beach

The quite Bay of Plenty at Waihi Beach

Sunrise over Waihi Beach

The sun's up!

Waihi Beach looking west

Bowentown at east end of Waihi Beach
A variety of shells

Sand dollar

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hobbiton - Matamata

Hobbiton - Matamata.  Stopped for lunch across the road.

Relaxing at Hobbiton

Take a tour
Plan ahead to do a tour

Who knows what!

Rural New Zealand - Cambridge

Some of the animals found on the farm in Cambridge.


More sheep


... and more cows


... and more heifers


Beautiful animals

Billy - the goat

George - the cat

Hens - free range

Guard of the flock

... and more hens
Just doing my job - protecting the hens


Always ready to eat

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Happy cows

New Zealand cows are happy, contented, grass-fed cows 
that produce good, wholesome milk, and lean meat.  
There are no grain fed cows over here!
Cows grazing

Life is good

Who is that guy?
It's a fallacy thinking the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  Not so here!

Life is good with plenty of friends

And life gets better

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mt Maunganui

Mt Maunganui
 Mt Maunganui is one of New Zealand's top holiday beaches.  It is a beautiful, clean beach, the surf is always good and the sun is there for those who want a tan (the risk is melanoma because of the clear sky)


Board walk

At the foot of the mount

Looking towards the mountain

Dior doing the bungy jump

Bungy Jump

Lunch with family

Anne Yarrall, Margaret Lindsey (sister) 
Richard, Nancye
Graham Yarrall (brother)

The view from my brother's car caravan a little further up the bay at Papamoa Beach overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Typical family holiday (vacation) in New Zealand