Sunday, July 31, 2011

Activities in our Westminster Latino Church

 Emphasis is placed on the children in our Latino churches so from an early age we have them involved in a time of singing on a Sunday morning using illustrated choruses.

 Ariel Corral helping two girls with a chorus.

 Samuel Membreño leading children at another service.

It is good to see young people set out on a pathway that honors God.  Baptism is one of the important steps of obedience after salvation.

Mauricio on the morning of his baptism.

Mauricio's baptism.

 Keyla on the day of her baptism.

 Keyla's baptism.

Recently a baby shower was held in our patio for the baby 
to be born to Samuel and Francis Membreño.

Francis and Samuel with their two children
Anyely and David

 Some of the men who attended.

 The ladies were the ones who really enjoyed it!
 Over the summer the youth in the church is encouraged to attend a Summer Camp.  This year we had a good group of senior young people who went excitedly off to camp.

 The young people ready to leave.

 The young people being farewelled.

Ministry in Los Angeles

 Latino Evangelistic Ministries exists to serve the Spanish speaking people of Los Angeles and Southern California.  This service involves preaching the gospel, planting churches, radio ministry and Emmaus Correspondence courses in Spanish.  It also has a fund that helps in the support of full-time workers in Los Angeles as well as Colombia.  To govern the activities of LEM we have a Board of Directors that meets four times a year.  The July meeting consists of a potluck meal that includes the wives of board members and then a board meeting. 

LEM Board Members

(L to R) Duane Delzer, Ariel Corral, Julio Lopez, Herbert Gentle, 
Jesus Robles, Rodney Hippenhammer (Secretary), 
Paul Luke, Richard Yarrall (Chairman), Doug Whitney (Treasurer).

These men bring a variety of skills and gifts as well as backgrounds in Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia  and other parts of the world.

 Potluck preceding the Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last days in Colombia

Our last two days were spent together as a family.  Bill and Angela took us out to eat and we enjoyed a good steak meal at a nice restaurant.  Colombia produces fine beef.

The restaurant.

There's nothing like a good steak.

Gilberto, Sandra, Laura and Daniel Vanegas with Cedric.
The Vanegas family got some of the first smiles out of Cedric.

A "family" photo.
Bill and Angela with Cedric.
Richard & Nancye.
Sandra and Gilberto Vanegas.
Gilberto was one of our first disciples in Bogota back in 1972.  We have had a close relationship over  all these years.  Gilberto is a Bible teacher, elder and pastor in his church, leads a big Emmaus Bible course ministry in Bogotá and teaches in the Bible Institute. 

What is unique now is that our eldest daughter, Angela, works alongside of Gilberto (our eldest son in the faith) in the Aposento Alto church (a Brethren Assembly) in the suburb of J.J. Vargas.  
Bill and Gilberto are elders together in the church.

Retreat for Elders and Leaders - Galapa

Galapa, Barranquilla was the site for the annual National Retreat for Elders and Leaders in the Brethren assemblies in Colombia.  Galapa is a town on the western side of Barranquilla on the way to Cartagena.  The retreat was held at the campsite, Finca Emmaus.

 Entrance to Finca Emmaus

Meeting place.
Galapa is located on the north coast of Colombia where it is hot and humid.  The temperatures is usually above 30 degrees C 
(90 degrees F).  No one wants to be in an enclosed building, except at night to not be bitten alive by mosquitoes.
 Some of the men at one of the meetings.
 Making preparations!  Bringing in seats.
Some of the vegetables available in Colombia being prepared for a meal. 

The kitchen with chicken being prepared.

Good meals and fellowship.

Three men Jorge Silva and Fernando Sanmiguel from Bucaramanga sharing a devotional with Martin Sandoval from Málaga.

Mauricio Vargas and Victor Gonzalez from Bogotá having a discussion with Julian Rodriguez from Armenia.