Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sights of Bogotá

Bogotá is an interesting city with many contrasts.  The following are a few sights on the way to visit the hospital where Angela had her baby.

 Street corner with modern vehicles.  The backdrop is the Andes Mountains.

A horse and cart shares the road with cars.

When the lights change it's like the Grand Prix!

Hospital where Angela had her baby - Clínica Fundación Santa Fé

Beautiful orchids in one of the corridors of the hospital

La Escuela Militar (The Military School).
Not far from where we worked in Bogotá 40 years ago.

Inside patio of a mall near the hospital.

JJ Vargas Church

The church where Bill and Angela work and where our old friend and first disciple in Colombia, Gilberto Vanegas is an elder, is located in the barrio (suburb) called JJ Vargas.  It was named for a certain Jose Joaquin Vargas.  Attendance at this church on a Sunday morning is usually around or above 200.  What an inspiration to be among such a group of warm and enthusiastic Bogotanos.  I was asked to preach last Sunday morning.  While in Colombia I will be preaching at a different church each Sunday.

Oscar Mora leading the Sunday morning meeting.
Part of the congregation

The oldest member of the church - Joaquin.
 Joaquin's 92nd birthday was celebrated on Sunday.  He is still very sprightly and active in serving the Lord.  He comes to church by bus.

The planning meeting on Saturday for the leaders of the various ministries.

Celebrating Arnold and Sandra's marriage.
We have known Sandra (Gilberto's daughter) since she was a baby and as we couldn't attend their wedding in January we took them out to a typical Colombian restaurant for dinner after church. 
Arnold and Sandra are very active in the church in youth ministries.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bible Institute in Bogotá

The churches in Bogotá have a Bible Institute which meets one evening every week and on Saturday morning.  It is good to see keen young adults with a desire to learn the Bible so as to serve in their local churches.
Bill teaching his class on NT Survey

Students in Bill's class

Federico - missionary to China, taking a few classes while on furlough

Elegant inbox for homework

Angela grading quizzes

The Gold Museum

Bogotá has one of the biggest collections of gold pieces in the world. These items are displayed in the Gold Museum, one of Bogotá's main attractions.

Seashell covered in gold leaf

 Gold handle on walking stick

Detailed gold work


Balsa Raft
Famous replica of the raft the Indian chief used to make offerings to the 
sun god and is the centerpiece of the museum

Bogotá, Colombia

It is always good to be back in Bogotá; to be with family, to visit with old friends, to fellowship in the churches, to preach the Word and to see the sights and sounds of a modern, bustling Latin American city.  Here are a few views of the city.
View of the Andes Mountains and city from the apartment
There is plenty of rain these days so the mountains are not always clear.

A young lady in the national colours outside the Gold Museum
She is publicizing some programmes at the museum.

Typical street scene in downtown Bogotá
This is outside the Bank of the Republic.

One of the very old churches - 400 years old
Three generations: Angela, Junior and Nancye
Enjoying coffee in the Gold Museum