Saturday, March 31, 2007


Here we are again in Bucaramanga after two days of travel and one day here. It seemed to take a long time getting here having spent one night in Miami and then 5 hours in the airport in Bogotabefore coming on here to B/manga arriving at 7.30 in the evening. While in the airport in Bogota we had lunch with Gilberto from the church in Bogota and we spent about 4 hours chatting with him and catching up which was great. We were given a warm welcome with Marcia and one of our "old" young people there to meet us!! He was in the young people's group when we lived here but that is 20 years ago so now I guess he is 40!! It is good to be back but we see many changes not only with people but the city has grown immensely and the apartments where we used to live now seem so old.

We are staying with Marcia in the same block of apartments where we used to live and that seems strange - one or two families still live here and remember us! Dick went walking yesterday down the street where we once lived also and one old neighbour greeted him with "hola Don Ricardo" which was interesting.

We had our first meeting last night and it was good catching up with old friends then. We have meetings programmed for most days while we are here and going to a different home each day for lunch, which is the main meal here. Quite a few of the folk that were here when we lived here have moved away to other cities so we will miss them.

The weather is being kind to is the rainy season so quite a bit cooler and not quite so humid so that makes Nancye happy!!

Until the next episode......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Colombia - The Preferred Place to Visit

Recent weeks have been marked by the visits of several well known people to Colombia.

George Bush, President of the USA
Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft
Bill Clinton, former President of the USA
The President of Germany
King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain and
the Yarralls from Long Beach.

So Colombia must be the preferred place to visit at the present time and we must be in good company!!!

We leave Los Angeles for Colombia, on Wednesday morning, March 28th. We will spend the night in Miami before travelling on to Bogota on Thursday, March 29th, arriving midday. Our flight to Bucaramanga is not until 6.00 pm so Gilberto Vanegas is going to meet us in the airport and we'll have lunch together. Gilberto was saved in 1971 and has been faithful to the Lord ever since. He is an elder and Bible teacher in his assembly and has developed a good Emmaus Correspondence work in Bogota.

More in Colombia.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Men's Breakfast

Men's Breakfast wth group from Westminster, March 24 - Ariel Corral, Lalo Gutierrez, Martin Martinez, Julio Lopez, Jesus and Carlos Obando.

Cat Show

Some cat's are intelligent. Angela's is really intelligent.

Spotsie watching a Nature Show

Saturday, March 17, 2007

back again....

It has been a while since we have written anything here but thought we could update any who are interested in what we are up to.
At present we have Stan and Wilma Jenkins staying with us from Scotland so that brings back many memories of our trip to Scotland/Russia last year when we stayed with them just outside of Aberdeen. We are having a lovely visit but they leave to return to Scotland today.
We recently found out that we had some more Air Miles available and that they had to be used this year or we would lose them! So, praying about it we have decided to use them to take a trip back to Colombia over the Easter break. In Colombia Easter is a great time to have conferences and so Dick is going to be speaking between the two churches in Bucaramanga during that Easter week so we are looking forward to that and catching up with old friends. We lived in Bucaramanga for 10 years so have many memories as you can imagine.
After that we will go back to Bogota where we spent 3 1/2 years of our beginning years as missionaries and will be staying with Dick's first disciple who is now in his 40's and working full-time for the Lord as an elder in his assembly and the assembly where Bill and Angela work when in Colombia so that also will be exciting to be back with them. It is some 36 years now since we first went to Colombia so a visit always brings back many memories.

Our other news, for those who don't know, is that our daughter, Debbie, who is in Russia, is expecting another baby so that will make three! She and her family are planning a furlough later this year so we are looking forward to them coming home for a few months and also having the new baby born here!

So, in the next few weeks we will try and share some of our experiences on this blog for you to read.
We'll be in touch.