Sunday, October 29, 2006


Yes, we have now been back in the States for four weeks and our trip abroad seems like a dream - did it really happen?

Two weeks after our return we were travelling again - this time to Boise, Idaho, where we were invited to a Missionary Conference and Dick was the speaker. We didn't really feel like travelling again....especially when we were in the LA airport our flight was cancelled! Brought back memories of our time in London. However, we finally got to Boise and had a lovely weekend.

When we got home from there reaction set in and we realised all the travel was over and real life had to begin once more! By now Jonathan had gone to the Boston area where he is "in training" for a job he has with EMC Corp. He is finding the lectures quite challenging so we are hoping he will do ok. This company is located here in LA but they sent him away for this training which will take 9 weeks. They will fly him home for a week at Thanksgiving so that will be a break for him. His title is now that of a "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" which sounds important to us so we will see how he makes out with the new job once he gets home in December and starts the work!

We wonder when winter will arrive in California - the last couple of weeks we have had "Santa Ana Winds" and so the temps have been up to 90! Our family back there in Russia have had some snow already although it didn't stick. So, where would we rather be??? A good question.

We will try and add a note here from time to time but we don't have so many exciting things to share now that we are back home so don't expect too much!