Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yarrall Family
Back row:
Jonathan, Debbie & Leslie Nesbitt, Bill & Angela Loudon
Front row:
Sydney (6) Richard & Lillie (3) Nancye & Eva (1) Misha (9)

History repeats itself! At least it has for our family. In July, 1970, Nancye and I left our employment to launch out as missionaries to Colombia. Forty years later in July, 2010, our son Jonathan left his employment to go as a missionary to the Muslim community that lives in London, England. Little did we realize on leaving our homeland, New Zealand, so long ago, the implications and consequences it would have for our family. In a period of 12 months we will have seen all three of our children leave to take up residence as missionaries in different parts of the world: Bill and Angela in Bogotá, Colombia (October 2009); Les and Debbie and their family in Khon Kaen, Thailand (October 10th, 2010); and Jonathan with Turning Point, a ministry outreach of Operation Mobilization in London, England (August 23rd, 2010). Naturally family photos are in order before the scattering.